Long Island Mammal Distribution Maps

Mapping Long Island's Mammals

Data collected through the mammal survey, after being reviewed and approved, is being carefully compiled in geographic image system (GIS) maps. Each of the twenty-seven target species has its own map, which details the extent of its range on Long Island.

The distribution maps are based on an overlay grid that divides Long Island into a series of squares, each of which includes an area of nine square miles.

The status of a species’ status in each square on the grid is identified in one of three following ways:

GREEN = two or more observations

YELLOW = one observation

CLEAR = no observations

Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)


– Click on the double arrows on the upper left corner to open the map legend.

– Click on the box next to a species name to show the distribution data for that mammal. Un-click the box to remove a species data from the map. [Note: the map defaults to displaying the first species on the list, the American Beaver.]

– Use the plus/minus signs to zoom in and out of the maps.

– Click on “View Larger Map” in the lower left corner to open the map in a larger format.

Long Island Mammal (terrestrial & semi-aquatic) Distribution Maps: 2020 - 2023